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Version 13.0402 Release Notes

Release notes for Modular Merchant version 13.0402
  • 3rd-Party Integration
  • Innovative/Intuit Payment Gateway
    Added support for the Innovative/Intuit payment gateway. This gateway can be selected from System Setting # 36. Note: This payment gateway is considered "in beta". Its functionality may be adjusted over time. Use at your own risk.
  • Administration Area
  • Account Setup Wizard
    On Step One of the Account Setup Wizard, deselecting the checkboxes for "I sell shipped goods", "I sell services", "I sell subscription products" and "I sell downloads" will now record those changes correctly. (Previously if those checkboxes were deselected after they had previously been selected, then the deselection would be ignored.)
  • Customer Groups
    Creating a Customer Group that searches for customers that have purchased a product in a certain category now works correctly. (Previously, such a group would not match any customers.)
  • Event Engine
    On the Search Events page, Events that have multiple notes will no longer be listed multiple times in the page's search results.
  • Modular Mailer
    The Modular Mailer Email Template Editor and Email Series Editor pages will now display a confirmation message when changes are made on those pages. (Previously, confirmation messages were not present on those pages.)
  • Search Store Graphics
    Fixed the links in the following columns on the Search Store Graphics page: # of Categories, # of Vendors, # of Custom Webpages, and # of Custom QuickCode Tags.
  • Ship Status
    Fixed a typo in the shipping status "Discontinuted".
  • Special Characters
    Updated various section of the Administration Area to improve the display of apostrophes and other special characters. Sometimes, these types of characters were being translated into their HTML entities on some pages.
  • Admin Home Page Alerts
    Added a new alert to the Administration Area's Home page. If a product has Serial Numbers assigned to it, and less than 10% of them remain, then an alert will be displayed. The alert will also state how many of the product's Serial Numbers are left.
  • Interface
    Improved the UI design of the "Submit" button on over 35 pages throughout the Administration Area. The location and style of the Submit buttons will now be more consistent from one page to the next. Additionally, a "Cancel" button has been added next to the Submit button on most Editor pages. The Cancel button takes you out of the Editor, and back to the appropriate Search page.
  • Populate Templates
    The checkboxes for all of the templates that are listed in the popup window that is opened when the Populate Templates option is selected in the Template Package Sandbox editor will now be deselected by default. (Previously, all of the checkboxes on the Populate Templates page were selected by default.)
  • Product Editor
    In the Product Editor, the options for restricting a product to certain shipping methods has been updated. Now, active and inactive shipping methods are displayed. (Previously, only active shipping methods were displayed.) Shipping methods can be toggled between active and inactive status within the Product Editor. All the checkboxes can now be selected or deselected en masse.
  • Product Editor
    Products can now be given a sale price directly within the Product Editor. (Previously, a sale price could only be applied to a product by using the Event Editor. Now either method can be used.)
  • Product Editor
    An Order Memo can now be assigned to a product in the Product Editor. Any content entered in the Order Memo field will be appended to the Memo that's included in the Order Receipt email and webpage when that product is purchased.
  • Product Editor
    Rules can now be established in the Product Editor to either subscribe or unsubscribe a customer to one or more Email Series when a product is purchased. (Note: Using Email Series requires a Silver or higher account plan.) If the product has rules to both subscribe and unsubscribe a customer to and from Email Series, then the unsubscribe rules will be processed first.
  • Product Editor
    A product can now have an autoresponder email rule assigned to it. When the product is purchased, then the autoresponder email will be sent to the customer. The autoresponder email's subject, HTML and plain text versions, and a list of additional recipients of the email can all be specified for each product.
  • Product Editor
    In the Product Editor, the interfaces for managing both the Product Fields and Product Attributes have been updated. Now, only the Fields and Attributes that are currently assigned to that product will be displayed in the Product Editor. (Previously, all Fields and Attributes would be listed, with checkboxes to specify which specific ones were to be applied to the product.) A search tool is also available, to locate and assign Fields and Attributes to the product.
  • Revision History
    Added Revision History information at the bottom of 34 more pages of the Administration Area.

    These pages are: 1-Click Upsell Rule Editor, Admin Attribute Editor, Admin Editor, Ban Rule Editor, Category Attribute Editor, Category Editor, Checkout Field Editor, Custom QuickCode Tag Editor, Custom Webpage Editor, Customer Attribute Editor, Customer Field Editor, Customer Group Editor, Digital Object Editor, Dropshipper Editor, Event Editor, File Storage Area Editor, Inventory Object Editor, Modular Mailer Series Editor, Modular Mailer Template Editor, Product Attribute Editor, Product Field Editor, Product Group Editor, Product Review Editor, Related Product Group Editor, Ship Method Editor, Store-Generated Email Message Editor, Subscription Editor, System Settings, Tax Editor, Vendor Editor, Wish List Editor, Zone Fee Editor.
  • Search Customer Groups
    Updated the interface of the Search Customer Groups page. The group's Name and Description were previously displayed in two separate columns. Now they are stacked together in a single column to better utilize the available page space.
  • Search Customers
    On the Search Customers page, Reward Points is now one of the available search criteria, and a column displaying the number of Reward Points each customer has can be added to the Search Results area.
  • Search Store-Generated Email Messages
    Made some interface improvements to the page for searching the store-generated emails, located at [Design > Email Messages]. The display of the HTML and Plain Text versions of the email messages has been improved, and the columns displaying the email's Subject and Description have been merged.
  • Search Store-Generated Email Messages
    The Store-Generated Email Message Editor now has an option to send a test copy of the email to an address that you specify. This can be used to test each email message. NOTE: QuickCode Tags are not translated in test emails.
  • Search Windows
    The Search Categories and Search Vendors popup windows will now allow multiple selections to be made before they close. (Previously, these search windows would automatically close themselves after the first selection was made within them.)
  • Shipment Manager
    New search options have been added to the Shipment Manager page. Shipments can now also be searched by their Shipment Status (ie: "Shipped", "Backordered", etc.), Ship Method Name ("USPS Priority", "UPS Ground", etc.) and Ship Method SID Number.
  • General
  • Feedback Messages
    Updated 258 notice, warning and error messages throughout the Administration Area and public storefront.
  • Version Number
    As of this release, the version numbering has been changed to a new format. This is just a cosmetic change only. It has no affect on shopping cart functionality.
  • Import/Export Center
  • Customer Import/Export
    Reward Points can now be included in the spreadsheets when importing and exporting customers.
  • Modules
  • Modular Mailer
    The "Delete Selected Steps" button on the Modular Mailer module's Email Series Editor page will now only be displayed if the Series contains steps that can be deleted. (Previously, this button was always displayed, even for a brand new Series that didn't contain any Steps yet.)
  • Modular Mailer
    Fixed a display error on the Email Delivery Queue and Email Archive report in which the wrong Email Series SID number would sometimes be displayed.
  • Reviews
    Updated the Product Reviews module with some additional security features in order to help prevent bots from being able to submit spam disguised as product reviews.
  • QuickCode Tags
    Fixed a namespace conflict that was causing the {CATEGORY-NUMBER-OF-PRODUCTS} and {PAGINATION} QuickCode Tags to display incorrectly when a list of featured products was also present on a category page in the storefront.
    Fixed an issue in which the {CHECKOUT-FIELD-SHIP-ADDRESS-TITLE} QuickCode Tag could display its contents even if a store doesn't have any active Checkout Fields. (This would happen when a customer was checking out with products in their basket that were being split among more than one shipping address.)
    Fixed an error in the {FIELD-EMAIL} QuickCode Tag that would cause the user's email address to be missing in the email generated by the storefront's built-in contact form.
    Fixed an issue with the {IF-USING-WISH-LISTS-BEGIN} QuickCode Tag in which it wouldn't always honor the value of the Allow Wish Lists setting in the Product Editor. This would cause the Wish List options to be displayed on the product's storefront page regardless of what the Allow Wish Lists option was set to. This has been corrected.
  • Namespace Conflicts
    Updated the following QuickCode Tags to prevent a potential namespace conflict that could be encountered by the constants that are defined within them. This could happen if more than one of the tags was used in the same template: {TWITTER-TWEET-BUTTON}, {TWITTER-FOLLOW-BUTTON}, {IF-CATEGORY-GENERATIONS-BEGIN}, {GOOGLE-PLUS-SHARE}, {GOOGLE-PLUS-ONE-BUTTON}, {GOOGLE-PLUS-BADGE}, {CONTENT-SLIDESHOW}, {CATEGORY-GENERATION}.
    Added new functionality to the {PRODUCT-IMAGE-URL} QuickCode Tag to improve its compatibility with product images that are hosted on a remote, third-party server.
  • Special Characters
    Updated 32 QuickCode Tags to use a new method of rendering apostrophes and other special characters, in order to prevent those characters from displaying as their ASCII codes instead.
    Added a "COMPANY-LOGO" class to the img tag that is generated by the {COMPANY-LOGO} QuickCode Tag.
    The {IF-SUBCATEGORIES-BEGIN} and {IF-SUBCATEGORIES-END} QuickCode Tags can now be used within the {CATEGORY-BLOCK-BEGIN} and {CATEGORY-BLOCK-END} tags. This can be useful if you are making a list of your store's categories, and want to apply a different style to (or exclude) categories that have subcategories.
  • Order History Summary
    Added support for the following QuickCode Tags that can be used to display a message if the customer has previously purchased a product. The message will be displayed if the customer is logged in, and the product is present in their order history. The message text will look something like this: "You previously purchased Product Name on 1/2/2013."

  • QuickCode Tags related to Triggered Event Listings
    The following QuickCode Tags were either created or updated to accommodate the display of triggered events on various storefront pages: {TRIGGERED-EVENT-BLOCK-BEGIN}, {TRIGGERED-EVENT-BLOCK-END}, {EVENT-START-DATE}, {EVENT-DESCRIPTION}, {EVENT-END-DATE}, {EVENT-NAME}, {EVENT-SID}, {IF-TRIGGERED-EVENTS-BEGIN}, {IF-TRIGGERED-EVENTS-END}, {IF-COUPON-BEGIN}, {COUPON-CODE}, {NUMBER-OF-TRIGGERED-EVENTS}.
  • Subscription Summary
    Added support for the following QuickCode Tags that can be used to display a message if the customer has a product in their subscription. The message will be displayed if the customer is logged in, and the product is present in their subscription. The message text will look something like this: "You have a subscription to Product Name."

  • Storefront
  • Checkout
    Fixed an issue that could cause the checkout page to go blank in some scenarios if the customer entered a zip code that contained an apostrophe.
  • Product Fields
    Fixed an issue in which a Product Field that adjusts a product's base price would display the wrong price adjustment on the product's storefront page, if an event was also adjusting the product's price.
  • Cross-Site Scripting (XSS) Prevention
    Updated the systems that safeguard against Cross-Site Scripting (XSS) attacks in GET, POST and REQUEST data that is processed in the storefront.
  • Subscriptions
  • Decline Actions
    Resolved an issue in which the number of times a subscription was declined could be evaluated too early in the checkout process, resulting in a subscription being removed one decline prematurely if the setting at [Modules > Subscription Products > Subscription Product Module Settings > Option #8] was set to delete a subscription after it was declined X times in a row.
  • System Settings
  • Credit Card Validation Amount
    Added the Credit Card Validation Amount option to the Merchant Account Settings section of the System Settings. If a credit card is used when placing a free order, the an authorization check on the card in this amount will be performed. The default amount is $1.00, but this can be changed to any value, even $0.00. (Previously, the store would always use $1.00 as the value when performing a credit card validation check for free orders.)

    More information on how the shopping cart software handles free transactions can be found in the knowledge base article titled How Zero Dollar Transactions are Handled.
  • Login Security Check
    If an Admin is prevented from logging in to the store's Administration Area due to the System Setting titled "Use Security Check When Admins Log In", a message will now also be sent to that Admin's email address. The email message will contain more information about the reason why their access to the store's Administration Area was prevented, and the steps they can take to prevent being locked out in the future. (A Support Ticket containing a copy of this information will still also be created too.)
  • Templates & Template Packages
  • Store Home Page
    The name of the store's home page has been changed from "storefront.php" to "store_home.php". This change is backwards-compatible with any links that point to "storefront.php". Any such links will automatically redirect to "store_home.php" without a disruption. This change was made to prevent confusion between the terms "storefront" (meaning the entire public shopping area as a whole) and "storefront.php", which was the storefront's home page.
  • Template File Extension
    The file extension of template files has been changed from".template.php" to ".tpl". This change is being made for several reasons, including to help clarify the difference between storefront .php pages and templates, and for security reasons.

    The shopping cart software will remain backwards-compatible with any template package that still contains files with the ".template.php" file extension.

    Template packages may contain template files that contain both the ".template.php" and ".tpl" file extensions. If two versions of a template are present, then the one with the ".tpl" file extension will be used. Otherwise, the ".template.php" file will be used. If neither a template for that page with either file extension is found, then the storefront's default Universal template for that page will be used instead.
  • Universal Template
  • Basket Page
    The Universal version of the storefront's basket page will now display a list of all events that are eligible to be applied to the order, if any have been triggered. To be displayed in this list, an event must either be set to "public" or have a coupon code that was applied to the transaction.
  • Checkout Page
    The Universal version of the storefront's checkout page will now include a message stating how many events have been triggered, if any. The message can be clicked on to display a list of the triggered events. It can be clicked again to hide the list. To be displayed in this list, an event must either be set to "public" or have a coupon code that was applied to the transaction.
  • Order History and Subscription Summaries
    The Universal version of the following template files have been updated to add support for displaying a message if the displayed products are either in the customer's order history and/or in their subscription: basket.tpl, product.tpl, category.tpl, downsell.tpl, featured_products.tpl, search_results.tpl, store_home.tpl, upsell.tpl, vendor.tpl. When viewing products on this page, a message will be displayed if the customer has purchased that product before, or if they have a subscription to that product.
  • Receipt and Printable Receipt
    The Universal version of the storefront's receipt and printable receipt pages will now display a list of all events that were applied to the order, if any. To be displayed in this list, an event must either be set to "public" or have a coupon code that was applied to the transaction.
  • Universal CSS File
    Updated the Universal CSS file to organize its content, combine redundant style rules, remove some unused styles, make several improvements to the design of the checkout page, style some buttons that had not yet been styled, and revise some styles to prevent light text on a light background when certain color combinations are used in a Template Package.
    The {UNIVERSAL-CONTENT} QuickCode Tag can now be used in any storefront HTML template. For example, if it's used in the "basket" page's template, then the instance of the QuickCode Tag will be replaced with the basket page's Universal default content. (Previously, the {UNIVERSAL-CONTENT} QuickCode Tag could only be used in the "universal" template, and using it in other templates would do nothing.)

### End of Release Notes ###

— Last Edited - 04/2/2013 8:12am PDT
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