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Version 4.111128.0923 Release Notes

Release notes for Modular Merchant version 4.111128.0923
  • 3rd-Party Integration
  • PayPal Discount Handling
    Fixed an issue in which an order's discounts and gift wrapping fees would disappear when completing an order on PayPal's website.
  • Google Checkout discount handling
    Fixed an issue in which an order's discounts and gift wrapping fees would disappear when completing an order on Google Checkout's website.
  • FedEx Shipping Rates
    Made several updates to improve the retrieval of real-time FedEx shipping rates when a store is set to use metric units of measure.
  • Administration Area
  • Place an Order tool
    Fixed an issue that could display an "illegal offset type" warning message when using the Place an Order tool within the Administration Area.
  • Customer Editor
    Fixed an issue in which the contents of Customer Fields and Customer Attributes would not be saved when a brand new customer account was created using the Add a Customer section of the Administration Area. Now, the contents of the fields and attributes are saved whether editing an existing customer or creating a new one.
  • Subscription Editor's Payment Gateway menu
    Made several fixes to the Payment Gateway menu on the Subscription Editor page:
    1. Fixed issue in which the "PayPal Website Payments Pro" gateway wasn't being displayed when it was selected as the payment gateway in the System Settings.
    2. The offsite payment gateways "PayPal Website Payments Standard" and "Google Checkout" will now be removed from the menu if the Subscription Products module is set to not allow offsite payment gateways to be used for subscriptions.
  • Order Editor
    The Payment Info section of the Order Editor now includes a link that, when clicked, will display the responses from the Payment Gateway for that order.
  • Subscriptions Due Today
    On the Admin Home page, if the value in the Subscriptions: Due Today table cell is greater than zero, it will now link to a popup window listing a summary of the subscriptions due that day.
  • Plain Text Template Editor
    Added an option to template editor to the Administration Area's [Design > HTML Template] page to switch between the WYSIWYG template editor and the "old school" plain text editor. The link to toggle between the two versions is located in the "Template Editor" table's header bar.
  • Inline Definitions
    Added a system to the store's Administration Area so that certain keywords can be highlighted. Mousing-over the highlighted word will open a small popup that displays the keyword's definition from the Modular Merchant Knowledge Base. A link to the keyword's complete Knowledge Base article, which opens in a new browser window, is also included in the popup.
  • Support Ticket Editor
    Made several improvements to the Support Ticket editor including:
    A) Improved text legibility and formatting, making longer tickets easier to read.
    B) Improved the display of code samples; preventing HTML code in the samples from being rendered in the web browser.
  • Digital Delivery
  • Digital Object Editor
    Fixed an issue that could prevent Modular Merchant's Tech Support Team from being able to access a client's Digital Object Editor page.
  • Event Engine
  • "Buy X, Get Y Free" events
    Fixed an issue in which events structured to offer "buy Product X, get Product Y free" would sometimes result in Product Y being added to the customer's basket at full price, instead of being $0.00.
  • Event Editor
    Editing an event that has a coupon code will no longer generate a warning message stating that the coupon code is already in use, and then change the coupon code to a new randomly-generated string.
  • Product Discounts
    Events that adjust product prices will now also re-calculate the order's taxes. Previously, the taxes would continue to be calculated based on the pre-discounted product prices.
  • Coupon Code Error Checking
    If creating an Event that uses a Coupon Code, but neglect to provide a coupon code, the system will now generate a default one for you. (You can change this default coupon code at any time.) Previously, the Event would have been created with a blank coupon code, resulting in an Event that would always be triggered.
  • Discounting the Product Subtotal
    Events can now be created that discount just an order's product subtotal. This provides a way to put products on sale (or provide them free), while still charging for taxes and/or shipping.
  • Set Affiliate Tracking ID (TID)
    Added an option to the Event Editor so that when an event triggers, it can set a specified Affiliate Tracking ID cookie. (Similar to as if the customer had clicked on a tracking link on an Affiliate's website.)
  • Mailer
  • Multipart Boundary
    The text "Multipart Boundary" will no longer be displayed at the end of HTML emails that are viewed within a gMail account area.
  • Products
  • Inventory Objects
    If an Inventory Object is set to have an "infinite" stock level, then all products associated with it will stop tracking inventory. Previously, units from inventory would continue to be deducted from the Inventory Object when its product(s) were purchased, resulting in potentially strange store behavior.
  • QuickCode Tags
    Updated the {IF-PAY-WITH-COUPON-BEGIN} QuickCode Tag to increase its compatibility with coupons that discount specific products, instead of discounting the order total.
    Corrected the name of the CSS class applied to the {FIELD-SHIP-ESTIMATE-COUNTRY} QuickCode Tag. The incorrect class name was "FIELD--COUNTRY". The correct class name is "FIELD-SHIP-ESTIMATE-COUNTRY".
  • QuickCode Parameters
    Fixed an issue in which when no parameters were passed to a QuickCode Tag that could take parameters, the unsent parameters would default to a value similar to "qc_var[1]". For example, the {COMPANY-LOGO} QuickCode Tag can accept an optional parameter to set its maximum pixel width, like this: {COMPANY-LOGO:123}. If a number, such as "123", wasn't provided, then the logo's width would have defaulted to "qc_var[1]", which the astute may notice isn't actually much of a number.
  • Event Engine Block Tags
    Fixed an issue in which events that never expire could be excluded from the publicly viewable list of events that can be displayed in the storefront. The {IF-EVENTS-BEGIN} and {EVENT-BLOCK-BEGIN} QuickCode Tags were updated.
    The list of "Newest Products" will now exclude products that have been set to be "hidden" from the storefront. (Previously, even hidden products were being included in the Newest Products list.)
    Updated the {PRODUCT-QUANTITY} QuickCode Tag so that it now includes additional hidden product data. This will allow the tag to be used in a "update basket" form when you don't want the customer to be able to edit the quantities of the product in the basket.
  • Template Override QuickCode Tags
    Created a set of new QuickCode Tags that can be used to allow the customer to change the Template Package that is applied to their shopping session, and change it back. The QuickCode Tags in this set include: {IF-TEMPLATE-OVERRIDE-BEGIN}, {IF-TEMPLATE-OVERRIDE-END}, {URL-TEMPLATE-OVERRIDE}, and {URL-TEMPLATE-RESET}. Refer to the Online QuickCode Tag Glossary entries for each of these tags for more information on their use.
    The {COMPANY-LOGO} QuickCode Tag can now include a parameter to establish the maximum width of the logo. For example, {COMPANY-LOGO:123} would display the logo image, restricted to a maximum width of 123 pixels. This can be useful when designing Template Packages for use on smaller screens.
    The {PRODUCT-IMAGE-TAG} QuickCode Tag can now include a parameter to establish the maximum width of the image. See this tag's entry in the Online QuickCode Tag Glossary for more information on its use.
    The {PRODUCT-IMAGE-TAG} can now be used on more storefront pages, including the product's details page.
  • Storefront
  • Multiple Shipping Addresses
    Made several improvements to how multiple shipping addresses are handled by the shopping cart software. Including:
    A) Addressed issue in which shipping zip/postal code would not be saved in some situations,
    B) Improved system that checks to ensure that a shipping method is selected when the order requires shipping,
    C) The menu that contains the list of the customer's shipping addresses should again automatically update and change its selection as customers add new shipping addresses during the checkout process.
  • Multiple Shipping Addresses
    Made a dozen improvements to the PHP and JavaScript code that handles the multiple shipping addresses in the storefront. Everything from opening the storefront's Shipping Address Editor window, to automatically updating the shipping address menus as their contents are changed, to synchronizing the session data that contains new shipping addresses, to handling how newly created shipping addresses are applied to orders and subscriptions.
  • JavaScript
    Resolved some causes of JavaScript error messages that could be generated when the shipping address menus were modified.
  • JavaScript
    Made several improvements to the JavaScript that handles the shipping address menus in the storefront so that they will again automatically update when adding/editing your shipping addresses from various locations, such as the Shipping Address Editor popup window.
  • Tax Calculation
    Made several improvements to the systems that calculate taxes, to speed up the cart's performance for stores that have hundreds of tax rules.
  • System Settings
  • Smartphone Template Package
    Added an option to the System Settings to specify which Template Package, if any, will be applied to the shopping sessions of customers who are using a smartphone. This allows smartphone users to browse the store with a Template Package designed especially for use on smaller screens.
  • Facebook Template Package
    The System Settings now includes a copy of the option to specify which Template Package, if any, will be applied to the shopping sessions of customers who are using a Facebook. (Previously, this option was only available at [Modules > 3rd-Party Integration > Facebook Integration].) This allows smartphone users to browse the store with a Template Package designed especially for use on a Facebook page.
  • Template Packages
    The "universal" versions of the "My Basket" and "Checkout" templates have been updated so that any discount (from coupons, events, etc.) is now displayed with a minus sign and in parentheses. For example: Coupon ABC123 discount: -($12.34).
  • Universal Template
  • checkout_1.tpl
    In the Universal version of the checkout_1.tpl template, there was a typo in the class that was applied to the blank table cell to the left of the cell containing the "Return Customer Login" button. The class was named "TABLE-CELL-PRIMARYP", when it should have been named "TABLE-CELL-PRIMARY". This has been fixed.
  • checkout_1.tpl
    The "universal" version of the checkout_1.tpl template now puts the basket contents in an HTML form. (Previously, the "My Basket" section of this template was not in a form.) This will allow the shipping address menus displayed in the "My Basket" area (if any) to operate as intended.
  • ship_address_editor.php
    Added a "close window" button to the "universal" version of the ship_address_editor.php template. The button closes the window containing the ship address editor, and also submits the HTML form on the page from which the ship address editor window was opened. This was done so that the window that opened it will be updated to contain the updated versions of the ship addresses that were edited or added.

### End of Release Notes ###

— Last Edited - 11/28/2011 9:23am PST
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