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Version 4.120327.1011 Release Notes

Release notes for Modular Merchant version 4.120327.1011
  • 3rd-Party Integration
  • PayPal Pro Payment Gateway
    Fixed an issue in which the PayPal Pro payment gateway API would ignore the status of the "Capturing of funds" System Setting, and would submit transactions as "authorize and capture" regardless of the value of the System Setting.
  • Products in Shipments
    Fixed an issue in which the products in all shipments after the first in an order placed using PayPal could be missing in the "shipments" section of the Order Editor.
  • "Get Orders" API
    Added the payment gateway responses to the data that is returned by the Get Orders API. For info on this is available in the Get Orders API tutorial.
  • Administration Area
  • Search Orders
    Fixed an issue in which the Product Value field in the Search Results Statistics area of the Search Orders page could display an incorrect value in some situations.
  • Email Archive
    The Date Sent field in the Email Archive will no longer display the time of day that the email was sent twice in certain store configurations.
  • Product Group Editor
    If a product has Attributes assigned to it, variations of that product that are created using the Product Group Editor's Create new products for this Group will also have those attributes assigned to it, and their "SF" settings (whether the Attribute is displayed for that product in the StoreFront) will be retained.
  • Product Group Editor
    Fixed a bug in which the Create new products for this Group option in the Product Group Editor could cause multiple instances of each product to be added to the list of products in the group. Each product in the group will now only be listed once.
  • Import/Export Center
    Updated the import system so that it will add the subscription's SID number into the "subscription item" database when importing a spreadsheet that excludes the subscription's SID number (such as when importing new subscriptions). Previously, this would result in this value being blank, which would prevent the imported subscriptions from displaying properly on the Search Subscription Queue page.
  • Search Products
    Searching for products where "Inventory: Infinite Stock (Y/N)" is "Y" will now return results. (Previously, no products would be listed when searching by this criteria.)
  • Search Support Tickets
    Changed the default sort order on the Search Support Tickets page to display by "Date Updated" with the most recently updated tickets at the top. (The previous default sort order was the ticket's internal ID number, which wasn't as easy to visually scan.)
  • Place an Order tool
    Fixed an issue in which the "X" delete icon on step 2 of the Place an Order Tool would not delete the selected product from the basket.
  • Modular Mailer
    The Email Series Editor in the Modular Mailer module will now display one blank "step" when creating a new email series. (Previously, the blank step would not be displayed until after the Email Series had been saved with a name.)
  • Import/Export Center
    Improved the error-checking when importing states and countries. Trying to import improperly formatted states and/or countries will now trigger warning and error messages.
  • Event Editor
    The various text fields that contain a product, vendor or category SID number will now replace their content with the newly selected SID number, instead of creating a comma-separated list of SID numbers in the text field.
  • Search Orders
    The Search Orders page can now search by Category SID, Category Name, Vendor SID and Vendor Name.
  • YES/NO Toggle Buttons
    Updated several instances of "YES/NO" toggle buttons throughout the Administration Area. The new versions of the toggle buttons are green (instead of blue), and will update their setting in real-time as soon as they are clicked. They will also display a checkbox after they are clicked, as a visual indicator that the change to their setting has been changed. Blue "YES/NO" toggle buttons will not update their setting in real-time; only the green toggle buttons update when clicked.
  • Search Orders
    Orders can now be searched by Shipping Status Name on the Search Orders page.
  • Product Status Search/Editor
    Added pages to the Administration Area for searching and editing Product Status. A product's status can be displayed in the storefront by using the {PRODUCT-STATUS} QuickCode Tag. Examples of Product Status include: Available, Back-Ordered, Discontinued, etc. To access these new Admin pages, use the tool located at [Admin > Customize Navigation Menu] and add links to those pages to the desired section of the Administration Area's Navigation Menu.
  • Shipment Status Search/Editor
    Added pages to the Administration Area for searching and editing Shipment Status. A shipment's status is displayed in the Order Editor. Examples of Shipment Status include: Shipped, Partially Shipped, Returned, etc. To access these new Admin pages, use the tool located at [Admin > Customize Navigation Menu] and add links to those pages to the desired section of the Administration Area's Navigation Menu.
  • Import/Export Center
    When exporting data, the content of the Select the fields to include in the export file section of the page will now be listed alphabetically by field name. (Previously, this content was listed by internal SID number, which wasn't as easy to visually scan.)
  • Customer Editor
    A list of the customer's ten most recent declined orders (if any) will now be displayed in the Customer Editor, directly below the list of Recent Orders. The list of declined orders will also include a link to view all of that customer's declined orders.
  • Customer Editor
    A list of the customer's most recently used IP addresses (if any) will now be displayed in the Customer Editor, directly below the list of customer payment methods. The date the IP address was most recently used by the customer, and the geographic location associated with the IP address, will also be listed for each one.
  • Search Orders
    The Action Menu at the bottom of the Search Orders page now includes an option to capture the funds of a group of selected orders that have been authorized, but not yet captured. This option can be used to capture funds of transactions only.
  • Search Customers
    The Action Menu on the Search Customers page now has options to subscribe customers to, and remove from, Modular Mailer email series. (At least one email series must exist in order for these options to be present in the Action Menu.)
  • Declined Orders Report
    The Decline Summary that is displayed in a popup on the Declined Orders Report will now list the descriptive name of each response from the payment gateway. (Previously, the gateway responses were titled by their ID number, instead of by their name.)
  • Import/Export Center
    Added the option to Truncate State ISOs to the Data Export Preferences section of the Import/Export Center. This will change the format of any states exported from the combined format of "state iso, underscore, country iso" (example: CA_US) to just the state iso (example: CA). Note: The combined ISO format is still required when importing states.
  • Popup Search Pages
    The various popup search pages throughout the Administration Area will no longer prematurely submit a selection when the "enter" key is pressed. The "enter" key will no longer submit those forms. This was done to prevent accidentally submitting the search form by clicking the "enter" key while typing in the search field, which is a common reflex reaction.
  • Email
  • Order Editor
    Corrected an issue where sending the customer a copy of their receipt email from the Order Editor did not include product Serial Numbers.
  • General
  • Cameroon Postal Codes
    Removed the country of Cameroon from the system's list of countries that require the customer to enter a postal code, because Cameroon doesn't use them.
  • Modules
  • Clearing Subscription Hold Status
    When a subscription that was previously on hold until a specified date is processed, the previous hold date will now be cleared. (Previously, the hold date in the past would still be displayed in the Customer Editor even after the subscription was no longer on hold and had began being processed again.)
  • QuickCode Tags
    The {FIELD-REVIEW-CRITERIA} QuickCode Tag now displays a "star ranking" interface instead of a dropdown menu. The version with the dropdown menu has been moved to a new QuickCode Tag: {FIELD-REVIEW-CRITERIA-MENU}.
    The {CATEGORY-BREADCRUMB-LINKS} QuickCode Tag has been updated, so that it displays the list of parent categories, and its own category name, more consistently.
    Fixed an issue that could prevent the {IF-ORDER-USES-SHIPPING-BEGIN} QuickCode Tag from being evaluated as "true" when used on the checkout receipt page.
  • CUSTOMER-PHONE QuickCode Tags
    The {CUSTOMER-PHONE-AREA-CODE} and {CUSTOMER-PHONE-NUMBER} QuickCode Tags can now be used in the receipt emails. (Previously, they would display nothing in certain circumstances.)
  • Checkout Fields
    Fixed an issue that could cause an error message named "checkout.php - line 437" to be displayed when using parameters with the set of CHECKOUT-FIELD QuickCode Tags.
  • Checkout Fields
    The form fields generated by the set of CHECKOUT-FIELD QuickCode Tags and the {COMPOSITE-CHECKOUT-FIELDS} tag will now retain their value when a page is submitted. For example, if an error is made during the checkout process, the content of these fields will be retained, and the customer won't have to fill them out again. (Previously, the fields would have been blank when the checkout page was reloaded.)
    Performed an overhaul of the internal engine that handles the suite of CUSTOMER-FIELD and CHECKOUT-FIELD QuickCode Tags. The purpose of this overhaul was to improve the performance of those tags, fix several issues that could prevent the field data from being retained, and allow the tags to be used in more email and HTML templates.
    The {PRODUCT-UNITS-IN-STOCK} QuickCode Tag has been updated so that it can be used in more places. (Previously, it could only have been used on the storefront's product page.)
    Added two new QuickCode Tags {IF-CUSTOMER-IN-GROUP-BEGIN} and {IF-CUSTOMER-IN-GROUP-END}. These can be used to display content only if a customer is a member of one or more specified Customer Groups. The IF-CUSTOMER-IN-GROUP-BEGIN QuickCode Tag accepts two parameters. The first is a comma-separated list of the Customer Group SIDs to look for. The second parameter is whether the customer must be in"any" or "all" groups. For example, to trigger content only if the customer is a member of Customer Groups 1, 2 and 3, the tag would be: {IF-CUSTOMER-IN-GROUP-BEGIN:1,2,3:all}
    The {PRODUCT-SHORT-DESCRIPTION} QuickCode Tag can now be used on the product page in the storefront. (Previously, it could only be used on category, vendor and search results pages.)
  • Storefront
  • Performance
    Improved the performance of storefront pages in accounts that have thousands of tax rules. On average, the load time for a store with 6,500 tax rules was reduced by roughly 85%.
  • Coupon Redemption
    An applicable success or failure message will now be displayed when a customer submits a coupon code in the storefront. (Previously, submitting coupon codes did not trigger positive or negative visual feedback.)
  • Template Override
    Following the instructions in the Have your store match a website that links to it article to dynamically change the Template Package that's applied to your storefront will no longer cause the red "Preview Mode" border to be displayed in the browser. (The border will still be displayed when using the "Preview Template Package" from within the Administration Area.)
  • Subscription Product Trigger
    Improved the system that hides the "Pay with PayPal" button when an order contains subscription products, to accommodate some older data types held-over from version 3.
  • Custom Webpages
    The Powered by Modular Merchant link is no longer required for pages created with the Custom Webpage Editor.
  • Support for Multiple Currencies
    Added support for several QuickCode Tags that will allow a customer to select the currency used throughout the storefront. For details, refer to the knowledge base article: Display Multiple Currencies in the Shopping Cart.

### End of Release Notes ###

— Last Edited - 03/27/2012 10:11am PDT
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